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Emergency Electricians in Surrey

When you are in immediate need of an emergency electrician, you need an electrical contractor you can trust. As the number one provider of emergency electrician services across Surrey, we can say you have come to the right place.

At Omega Electrical Engineering Services, we have our own team of trained and qualified emergency electricians. Between them, they have decades of experience, aiding our Surrey clients when they have needed them the most.

Whether you are from Reigate, Purley, or Redhill, to Warlingham, Coulsdon, or beyond, you can rely on us in an emergency.

What We Do

Fully-qualified emergency electricians

As the foremost electrical contractor service in Surrey, there our many ways we can help our emergency electrician customers. Here are some of our more popular services…

Emergency Electricians in Surrey

Emergency electricians serve an extremely specific purpose – to get your power back on in a manner that is safe. We send our own team of trusted and trained emergency electricians to any job, regardless of the time of day. They ensure that any electrical faults are fixed sufficiently to see you through the night.

Power Outages

Power cuts can be unnerving, as they tend to occur out of nowhere. The first rule is not to panic. Check with your neighbours to see if it has affected them. Use your mobile phone to check with your energy supplier about any planned outages. If both turn up nothing, then give us a call.

Visible Sparks

If your plugs or appliances give off sparks when you plug them in, that is generally a cause for concern. These sudden surges can trip the fuse box if left unchecked. It may not require an emergency electrician, but you might want us to look at it just in case. This is particularly common if there are small children in the household.

Smoking Outlets or Appliances

If sparks are a cause for concern, smoke is a sign of danger. It means that the wiring behind the outlet is too hot and the plastic coating is smouldering. Turn off the electricity at the fuse box and get in touch with us right away. Should the outlet catch fire, evacuate the property and call the fire brigade.

Broken or Loose Wiring

If your broken or loose wiring does not cause a power cut, it is probably safe to wait for a regular electrician. However, if you have cause for concern, including young children or pets in the property, do not hesitate to call your local emergency electricians. We can get everything repaired and neatly put away for you.

Water damage

Water and electricity do not mix – it should not take us to tell you that. If you have any sort of water damage in your home, be sure to turn your electricity off immediately. This applies to leaks, floods, and faulty appliances alike. When our emergency electrician arrives, they will be able to assess the situation more fully and recommend further action.

Out of Hours Emergency

Sometimes it might be the timing that makes things an emergency, rather than the fault itself. Having an electrical problem occur late at night or over the weekend can be unduly stressful. Fortunately for our customers across Surrey, we operate a round-the-clock service for exactly this reason. Whenever you need us, we ae only a phone call away.

Can’t afford to wait

For some people, lack of electricity is more than just an inconvenience – it is their livelihood. With more people than ever working from home, having access to a reliable power supply is essential. At Omega Electrical Engineering Services, we do not differentiate between our customers. Your electrical problem is important to you, which makes it important to us.

Your Local Emergency Electricians

The main Omega Electrical Engineering Services office can be found in Purley. From here, we can organise our emergency electricians across Surrey to help our customers when they need it. Wherever you are based across the county, we will have an emergency electrician with you. This includes our valued customers in Reigate, Purley, Redhill, Warlingham, Coulsdon, and beyond.

Get in touch

For professional emergency electricians across Surrey, call Omega Electrical Engineering Services on 01737 900898 (Surrey), 020 8003 1701 (South London), 07941 191 214 (Emergency). A member of our team will have an emergency electrician at your door as soon as possible.
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